Top countries leading the global shift to industrial automation

Image source: LOM Financial


The increasing demands of globalization and increase in productivity rely on automation as one of the most crucial components of a highly industrialized world. As a response, several nations in the world focused a majority of their resources in embracing process engineering systems, industrial automation, as well as automated manufacturing. Here are the most automated countries in the world that are leading the global shift to automation.

  1. South Korea

In the worldwide and Asian ranking, the South Korea is the top country with the highest robot density, especially in the manufacturing industry. The country has long held this position since 2010. According to statistics, they exceed the global average of robot density by eight-fold. The electrical and electronics industry cover a high percentage of the country’s robot density, and automation is also a crucial player in their automotive industry.

  1. Singapore

Another Asian superpower when it comes to automation is Singapore, winning second in the worldwide ranking. It is estimated that for every 10,000 employees, there are 488 industrial robots. In 2015, records of the country’s robot density show that they had 398, cementing their rank in the global quest for automation. Several industries benefit from this technology including healthcare, several service roles, and construction.

  1. Germany

In the European ranking, German ranks first in the most automated countries in the continent. Worldwide, the country holds the third rank with over 309 units that make up their entire automation force. In 2016, industrial robots held a share of 36% (annual supply) and 41% (operational stock) for the overall robot sales in the whole of Europe.