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The golden years in paradise: Top tropical destinations for retirees

Most people plan to spend their golden years doing the things that make them feel more alive. Some of them finally find the time to work on their hobbies full-time but for retirees who just love traveling, retirement gives them the freedom to live life to the fullest by exploring the places and destinations that they only used to hear and read about on magazines. Here are some of the most popular tropical travel destinations for retirees and seniors that should be on your list, too.


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This island-nation located south of the Pacific is a tropical archipelago. Vanuatu is composed of 82 small islands but only 65 of them are currently inhabited. According to Islands’ 2014 ranking, Vanuatu is one of the best choices for retiring early. Additionally, seniors planning to spend their golden years in this tropical paradise only need a minimum of $3,000 a month to finance a comfortable lifestyle.


The Cayman Islands

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If you want to live your retirement days in a first-class lifestyle, the Cayman Islands in the Caribbean is the most favored by seniors with impressive retirement funds. The three-island nation has private and public healthcare options and offers available health emergency air transport to Miami. One of the perks of choosing the Cayman Islands is the availability of cheaper housing and reasonably priced properties.


The Bahamas

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The Bahamas, a major offshore investment center, is composed of 700 islands but only 30 of them are currently inhabited, with Nassau, Governor’s Harbor, Paradise Island, and Freeport as the most populated areas. The islands are inhabited by friendly locals and expats who have found their second home in this sunny paradise. Retirement in the Bahamas offers a comfortable quality of life to seniors and retirees because aside from the comforts that money can buy, the best things about this destination are free: the relaxing sound of the sea, sunny days, and fresh air.