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Owned, paid, and earned media: Building a solid marketing blueprint

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Entering the game in the digital marketing field can be challenging – unless you have with you a rich arsenal of information and strategy that you can use together to create a better, and more effective online campaign for your products or services. For instance, just knowing the differences between the three important digital strategy terms, owned, paid and earned media, can catapult your online presence to impressive heights. Here are the definitions that you should keep in mind:

 Owned Media

As the name suggests, an owned media is a web property that represents your brand and establishes your online presence. Most importantly, it’s a type of media property that you can personally control. For instance, your business website or product blog sites can be considered as an owned media, and related pages from social networking sites are extensions of your media properties.

Earned Media

The earned media is an element that helps the online audience reach and interact with your owned media. Basically, it can be defined as an online “word of mouth” campaign that helps your product or services connect with real people. These can come in the forms of mentions, viral posts and reposts, online reviews, or even just social media shared contents. This is only possible through achieving organic rankings and of course, producing and providing high-quality content.

Paid Media

Last but not the least is the paid media. Basically, you’re paying for the promotion of your content in order to direct audiences to your owned media, and eventually drive your earned media. This is an important move especially for the new players in the digital marketing field. Influential social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn provide paid advertising services to promote your brand and increase your content’s reach. Media influencers, on the other hand, can also be paid to share, mention or tweet about what you offer for an increased conversion.